Advantages and disadvantages of content writing over copywriting

Content writing is a vital part of SEO nowadays, but can you guess why? Yes! It’s one of the most important on-page factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. Why Content is Important? Quality Content is a search engine’s first priority. You might wonder how content is considered important. It’s simple, you look at any site on the web: Search engines only want to see content, not junk, that’s why having quality content on your website is a crucial factor.

SEO copywriting refers to the process of writing high quality website content that helps a site rank highly in search engines. Content writing services focus on creating, writing, editing and managing content across various websites and businesses. According to 2018, over 70% of Google’s search results are from sites with rich content. Companies, blogs, and marketers have long realized the importance of hiring a skilled SEO copywriter. Using the right SEO tactics, your business can get noticed. If you don’t write good content, Google will penalize your site and you won’t get the rankings you want.

  • Content Writers have to write something new and unique, unlike copywriters who are limited to writing an advertisement.
  • Content writing can consist of both, content writing and copywriting. Therefore, it can be said that content writing has an advantage over copywriting.
  • Content Writing is all about writing articles, blog posts, and web pages to market a business, while copywriting is all about writing advertisements.
  • A Content Writer improves your seo! A copywriter doesn’t.
  • A Content Writer focuses on the subject of your website, while a copywriter focuses on selling a product or service.
  • A Content Writer has more reliable writing skills as compared to a copywriter.
  • A Content Writer can write an article for you, whereas a copywriter can only write an advertisement for the media.
  • A content writer is a jack of all trades, but master of none! This means a content writer can write just about anywhere, but can’t write one thing excellent!
  • Content writing is time consuming, tiring, and stressful.
  • Content Writing is still a relatively new marketing field, so there aren’t many expert content writers.
  • Content Writing is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to many people.
  • When Content Writing is outsourced, the outsourced writer might not completely understand the topic of the webpage.
  • Content Writing is more expensive than copywriting.

Content writing is more advantageous than copywriting, as copywriting only focuses on writing an advertisement and content writing, on writing articles, blog posts, social media post and web pages to market a business. However, writing an effective or best content involves a combination of creativity, technical know-how, and knowledge of the industry. A professional content writer does all this and can also meet deadlines without wasting time. So, if you want to boost your SEO, hire an experienced writer for your content strategy.